The Move

After a month back in the states, you would think we were back to our normal life, right? Wrong. We had the choice of going back to California or going to Texas, in a rash 5 second decision we choose, Texas. Drove right over to my aunt and uncle’s place, we have been staying there for a month and a half.

Now Texas isn’t bad, I like it people are nice. But last November I got pretty close to a third degree sunburn. That feeling a memory really takes a lot of appreciation out of you for Texas.

I started to look for work a week after we got here, I looked everywhere, I even put in applications even to places I didn’t want to work. After a week I went into JcPenny’s for an interview, I was 30 minutes late, but I got the job right away. How? We had something in common.

My mom got a job about a week later at Ross. My dad just got a job after a month and a half. Things are finally looking up, we have found a house who’s owners seem to like us. But let’s see.


When your in Tobago, and you hear a rustling sound outside, it will be, one out of four things.

1. A crab
2. A snake
3. A lizard
4. A Chicken

None of these four listed are poisonous. At least not deadly. The Horse Whip snake is poisonous, but the bite only causes mild skin irritation. There are no Crocodiles or Alligators, so for me it’s great.

There are Caimans, but they pose no threat to humans, because they really only come out of the water to, lay eggs, and some up sun. Some say they only know a Caiman is there because they heard a splash in the water. The “Alligator” meat that you hear of people eating is, Caiman.

Some spiders here are pretty, one is bright orange, but I have no idea what their name is, we have looked everywhere for its name, but we can not find it. They have a jumping spider, the locals call them Jumping Jacks.

I here that when it’s time for crabs to lay there eggs, the street in Argyle are covered in them while they are on their way to the beach. There the people flock together to capture their next meal. In my opinion it would be better to eat them after they lay their eggs, so that way you will get more crabs. Then again, they have been doing this longer, and I am just an American girl who doesn’t like to eat crabs.

Ferry Ride Tips

Hello! I promised you I would give you Ferry ride tips, so here it is!

1. You can have coke with you, but don’t chug half of it down before the ferry starts to move.
2.Don’t read a book, for half the ferry ride.
3. Wear headphones, play your favorite song super loud, to block out the sounds of water and the motor.
4. Lay back and close your eyes.
5. Focus on the words of the song.
6. Let the movement of the boat move with the song, like you are dancing.
7. Chew gum.
So there it is! Those are the things I learned. If you have been on a Ferry before, please let me know in the comments, what has helped you in the past.

First blog post

Hello, My name is Audrey. With this blog I plan to inform you on our travel and language learning experience. My family and I are currently in Tobago (pronounced To-bay-go), and we will be here till August. We are not learning the language that is spoken, mainly because everyone speaks English.

In the past we had learned to speak some Spanish, and tried to learn French, German, Russian, and Gujarati. The language we had learned to speak somewhat fluently in, is Hindi, and all of the family can read it. I can read it better than speak it, and I can speak it better than I can understand.

Now I am trying to learn Korean, but because of our adventure, preparing for Tobago, I had put it off for a bit. Now I am gonna start again, in this blog I will tell you how I am going about learning it. I’ll share with you one tip that I had heard for learning a language with you now: YOU HAVE TO SPEAK.  Now, you might be thinking, ‘Um, how can I speak a language I don’t even know?’ That is the thing, speaking helps you to know. If you just memorize a sentence but never use it, it will go away when you actually need it.

On my next post I am gonna give some tips on riding on a Ferry, I do not get motion sick, but even I got a little woozy.